lundi 11 janvier 2010

me again ( I left for a ''second'' but I'm back)

Well, same ol' same ol'...Me again, with a new blog again... I am so pissed off @ myself for not being able to Keep a blog alive but I guess I have a vivid need to share and write... Well I am going to bind myself to write every two days.. Isn't it a shame? Anyway @ least, every Mondays,Wednesdays,Fridays and Sundays there will be no possibility to find me in a gutter somewhere in Harlem.
About me, I am not an native english speaker (so be easy on me) I just happen to relocate myself in Harlem. Since my life is between a tale and hell you'll get to read my everyday tribulations. As you may already know, they DO include fashion,street culture,music, my personal wanderings ... Nothing new guys

My name is Frida but I go by the name of Free.

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