lundi 11 janvier 2010

me again ( I left for a ''second'' but I'm back)

Well, same ol' same ol'...Me again, with a new blog again... I am so pissed off @ myself for not being able to Keep a blog alive but I guess I have a vivid need to share and write... Well I am going to bind myself to write every two days.. Isn't it a shame? Anyway @ least, every Mondays,Wednesdays,Fridays and Sundays there will be no possibility to find me in a gutter somewhere in Harlem.
About me, I am not an native english speaker (so be easy on me) I just happen to relocate myself in Harlem. Since my life is between a tale and hell you'll get to read my everyday tribulations. As you may already know, they DO include fashion,street culture,music, my personal wanderings ... Nothing new guys

My name is Frida but I go by the name of Free.

jeudi 3 septembre 2009

fashion night out

be ready!!!!

mercredi 2 septembre 2009

dimanche 30 août 2009

I WAS PROCRASTINATING ( @ least Im honest ;-))

Okay I kinda deserted the "blogosphere" for a month...No real reasons but its like you don't talk about a hot subject, then another, then another then MAN you are lost and you have too many things to catch up! Well when I reached that point ( in only 2 days) I decided to take some time off... ENOUGH TALKING LETS GO BACK TO THE EL MUNDO DEL BLOG. Also BIG TIME in a week or so my friend Sarah (she doesn't know yet)is going to help me renew the image of the blog. I am computer illiterate sorry!*

Bueno. Because I was away for a hell of a long time I decided to come back with a great post about Michael Jackson b-day bash in Brooklyn. If he were alive Jacko would have turned 51 this year. Spike Lee invited whoever wanted to come "to sing a loud happy birthday to Micheal" AND WE DID IT!!!
Spike and Micheal collaborated on the video "they don't really care about us". Spike directed the video. Now that I know that I do feel like "yeah , there's a 40 acres and a mule touch in this video"
The event took place in Prospect Park, Flatbush (Little Jamaica , seriously) Bk and I had fun!!

I realized why everybody was so shocked by his death. I understood why my mother called me with her serious voice to tell me Bambi was dead. I understood why my father called me to ask if I cried The King of Pop death(he was serious too that is all he asked me , he hung up on me after I said no). It finally made sense to me that Michael was more than a star. He IS an era and he is the voice of a genration. I took so many pics its ridiculous here are some of them (not necessarily the best ones)

* Spike lee

* Spike's sis featured in many of his movies

* Man In The Mirror (very powerful song to sing...OK I dropped 3 tears)

samedi 25 juillet 2009

Yeah UglyMely its a post for u- I luv u

I wanted to make a post for a blog I love.Well this post should be in the "get it 4 cheap" tag but its a new taG!!!

ts a "I luv u" tag because the main inspiration comes from the blogger itself and I'm just giving back!
Well UglyMely loves Vans but you know I maintain a broke attitude for everything I do have a pair of Vans in my basement back home, my mother bought it for me!! A pair of Vans is 42 tax not included its too much (I said it!) so heres my alternative! Prokeds!!!Yeah!! There 's even some with heels!! Uh uh what u know about that!!

I luv ur orange Vans Mely-Mel besos

Tracey Reese + Keds 29.95$ And the laces are sooo originals

the one with wedges

It depends with who!