dimanche 30 août 2009

I WAS PROCRASTINATING ( @ least Im honest ;-))

Okay I kinda deserted the "blogosphere" for a month...No real reasons but its like you don't talk about a hot subject, then another, then another then MAN you are lost and you have too many things to catch up! Well when I reached that point ( in only 2 days) I decided to take some time off... ENOUGH TALKING LETS GO BACK TO THE EL MUNDO DEL BLOG. Also BIG TIME in a week or so my friend Sarah (she doesn't know yet)is going to help me renew the image of the blog. I am computer illiterate sorry!*

Bueno. Because I was away for a hell of a long time I decided to come back with a great post about Michael Jackson b-day bash in Brooklyn. If he were alive Jacko would have turned 51 this year. Spike Lee invited whoever wanted to come "to sing a loud happy birthday to Micheal" AND WE DID IT!!!
Spike and Micheal collaborated on the video "they don't really care about us". Spike directed the video. Now that I know that I do feel like "yeah , there's a 40 acres and a mule touch in this video"
The event took place in Prospect Park, Flatbush (Little Jamaica , seriously) Bk and I had fun!!

I realized why everybody was so shocked by his death. I understood why my mother called me with her serious voice to tell me Bambi was dead. I understood why my father called me to ask if I cried The King of Pop death(he was serious too that is all he asked me , he hung up on me after I said no). It finally made sense to me that Michael was more than a star. He IS an era and he is the voice of a genration. I took so many pics its ridiculous here are some of them (not necessarily the best ones)

* Spike lee

* Spike's sis featured in many of his movies

* Man In The Mirror (very powerful song to sing...OK I dropped 3 tears)

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