samedi 25 juillet 2009

Yeah UglyMely its a post for u- I luv u

I wanted to make a post for a blog I love.Well this post should be in the "get it 4 cheap" tag but its a new taG!!!

ts a "I luv u" tag because the main inspiration comes from the blogger itself and I'm just giving back!
Well UglyMely loves Vans but you know I maintain a broke attitude for everything I do have a pair of Vans in my basement back home, my mother bought it for me!! A pair of Vans is 42 tax not included its too much (I said it!) so heres my alternative! Prokeds!!!Yeah!! There 's even some with heels!! Uh uh what u know about that!!

I luv ur orange Vans Mely-Mel besos

Tracey Reese + Keds 29.95$ And the laces are sooo originals

the one with wedges

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